Many years ago, a co-worker suggested a “toffee-making” party around the holidays. It was a way to socialize and (maybe) make some gifts. None of us had ever made toffee before, so we winged it. There were a few good batches and a few not so good (a little burnt maybe). All still edible.

Over the years, I would make toffee as my go-to holiday gift that I gave to friends, family and clients. Working as a freelance graphic designer and motion graphic animator, I sit behind a computer most of the day. I was always looking for more hands-on, tactile outlets such as candy making. Plus, the successes can be shared with my family and friends, or as they call themselves, “quality control”.

For quite some time, I had planned starting a confection business but hadn’t gotten out of planning stages. Focus and finances were still in the works. At some point, a friend and I started talking and we both liked the idea of starting a business together. From that talk sprung Gary Gary Confectionery.

One person that I would like to acknowledge as key in starting this business was my mom. She was my number one supporter, cheerleader, and advocate. Unfortunately, she would never know what she helped create. She passed away the year before I started the company. But, with the proceeds from the sale of her house I was able to fund this new venture. So, thank you Ma!

My buddy, who started with me, has gone onto other business ventures so now Gary Gary Confectionery is a one-man show.

All of my products are handcrafted in small batches. And my toffee craftsmanship has been fine-tuned over 30 years through education, taste, and trial and error.

Seeing the humor in all things guarantees that Gary Gary will never take itself too seriously and at the same time assures you get amazing flavor bite after bite.

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