About Us

They Are...

not both Gary. There's only one Gary and the other is Brian. Great friends and business partners. Gary is the confectionery side and Brian the business side. Together these two are making amazing candy with an emphasis on making it fun... and they almost never get this dressed up to cook candy.

Little Gary Gary

Gary Holley

Gary is a 38 year resident of San Diego by way of New Jersey and is the ingenious artisan that creates G2C?s amazing products. His candy craftsmanship has been fine-tuned over 20 years through education, taste and trial until perfection. ?It finally became apparent it was time to start a business and get some of his best creations out to others that would truly enjoy them. Gary?s intellect and propensity to see the humor in all things guarantees that Gary Gary will never takes itself too seriously and at the same time assures you get amazing flavor bite after bite. Reach Gary directly at gary@garyh39.sg-host.com

Brian Young Pic

Brian Miller

With his growing passion for the ?sweeter? things in life, expertise developing new businesses, and constant desire to discover “what?s fun”, this venture into artisan sugary goodness was an inevitable next step. Brian is the business half of the partnership and brings his extensive marketing background to G2C. His key tools in making Gary Gary successful rely on a focus turning customers into family and friends. Great relationships are the reason we?re here and having a small group of people that see the true value and art of this candy is why we keep it going. Reach Brian directly at brian@innuendoetc.com